07 May 2010

Siren Portraits by Angela McConnel

To evoke the mystery of a 1940's siren
1. Watch Rita Hayworth in Gilda  
2. Practice fabulous 40's hair  
4. Invest in a fantastic coat, never take it off and let everyone imagine what you may or may not be wearing underneath. 

Pictured Below: Munk Tiered Jacket and Munk drawstring trench.


Vamp Portraits by Angela Mc Connell

Inspired by 1920's Vamps such as Clara Bow, 
Knits with pearls are not only worn by good girls.

Ornament Tunic and Shrug by MM Sohn
Pleated Skirt by Robyn Black
Marlene Wrap Shoes by Preston Zly.

Thank you to Hat designer Michelle Boyde.

Model and styling:  St. Clare