27 August 2011

Everyone Is An Artist SS 2011-12 Launch Event

Everyone Is An Artist
Thursday 25th of August 2011
Spring/Summer 2011-12 Season Launch

Here are a few snaps from last Thursday's Spring/Summer 2011-12 Launch Event, at The Signet Bureau. With Special Guest Speaker, Kate Rhodes of Creator of The State of Design Festival 2011 and Director of RMIT's Design Hub, Video Art by Dru Blumensheid and Models featuring new garments and shoes by MM Sohn, Robyn Black and Preston Zly.

Kone Style by Preston Zly SS 2012

Evie models Robyn Black and Preston Zly Shoes

Andrea models MM Sohn and Preston Zly Shoes

Violinist Caesar

Kate Rhodes, Speaks

Models Evie of Chadwicks and Andrea

The Signet Bureau Designers, Maureen Sohn, Robyn Black, Evie, Andrea, Johanna Preston and Petr Zly

Video Artist Dru Blumensheid, Munk designer Miriam Borcherdt and Shelley, our manager

Megan Travers, Kate Rhodes and Daniel

Howling Wolves Winery Sponsor, good choice!

A Beuysian Spring SS 2011-12

A Beuysian Spring
Video By Dru Blumensheid
For The Signet Bureau Spring/Summer 2011-12
Preston Zly, MM Sohn and Robyn Black Collections

For this upcoming Spring/Summer 2011-12 Season, The Signet Bureau makes a tribute to German Contemporary Artist Joseph Beuys, as "Everyone Is An Artist." This video features the new knitwear by MM Sohn, tailored beauty by Robyn Black and an pacific island theme of leather sandals and lace ups by Preston Zly.

Styles Featured from the Video:

Shelley wears an Overall Trouser Dress in B & W Pinstripe by Robyn Black (also available in Ink) with a Segment Drape Top in B&W Stripe by MM Sohn
Dru wears the Hakama Pant in Black by Robyn Black with a Vice Versa Cardigan in B&W Stripe by MM Sohn (also available in White)

Namu Dress in Navy Dots by Robyn Black

Tuck Drape Top in Indigo by MM Sohn (also available in Mineral and Black) with the Namu Dress (also available in B&W Spot) by Robyn Black

Overlay Dress in Milk (also available in Ink and Linen Gray) with Full Length Wide Leg Trouser in Linen gray by Robyn Black with a Long Lattice Mesh Cardigan in Black by MM Sohn (also available in a short version)

Segment Drape Dress in Indigo/Blk Stripes (also available in Mineral Stripes) by MM Sohn

Cloisonne Enamel Dress in B&W (also available in Indigo & Black) by MM Sohn

Pucker Ruche Dress in Indigo by MM Sohn

Pleat Overlay Dress in Navy Spot with Black Pleats (also available in Black Pinstripe, Red Spot and B&W Spot) with the Short Wide Leg Trousers in Black by Robyn Black

For more information regarding the designers collections email Shelley and Dru at info@thesignetbureau.com

A Beuysian Spring

Video: Dru Blumensheid
Music by Fernando Perez and Dale Dunbar of Nahuatl Sound System
Models: Shelley and Dru at The Signet Bureau
Clothing: MM Sohn and Robyn Black
Shoes: Preston Zly


23 August 2011

The Signet Bureau SS 2012 Launch

To All Who Appreciate Art for Arts Sake and Melbourne Fashion by MMSohn, Robyn Black and Shoes by Preston Zly:

The Signet Bureau is having an exclusive preview to this Spring/Summer 2011-12 Collections by MMSohn, Robyn Black and Preston Zly.

With guest speaker, Kate Rhodes of the 2011 State of Design Festival and video premiere by yours truly The Signet staff Shelley and Dru.

This Thursday the 25th of August from 6:30 - 8:30 pm at 165 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.

To RSVP please contact us by email at info@thesignetbureau.com or by our phone at 9415.7470.

Come and celebrate the new spring season this Thursday evening.

X Shelley and Dru at The Signet Bureau