19 August 2012

From the designers of Preston Zly comes a rare insight into their creative process. 

The following quotes are from designers Johanna Preston and Petr Zly in a recent interview for Textiles and Fashion Industries Australia.The images were taken in their light filled studio above Smith Street in Collingwood. 

 ‘Our inspiration comes from many aspects of the world around us – it might be a graphic on a piece of porcelain, an image of a vintage shoe, or something as strange as a distorted image seen through a mirror – it’s about shapes, redefining femininity and creating something that while being timeless is in no way conservative. The inspiration is the easy part!’

‘I love seeing ideas come to fruition. All aspects of running our business require a high level of creativity and while sometimes exhausting, it’s very exciting. I also love to see sample shoes transformed by use of different colours and textiles. Above all, I love to catch a glimpse of an amazing pair of shoes on someone stylish while driving in my car and to have the realisation dawn on me that they are Preston Zly’s,’ 

 ‘I see bespoke, handmade and artisan practices coming to the forefront of the truly dynamic design movement of the Australian Fashion Industry – mass production has led to more and more of the same and people are seeking difference and product with integrity. In an era of mass production, the only way to create difference and celebrate individuality is via a ‘slow’ approach to fashion that is heavily reliant on bespoke, handmade and artisan practices.’

Original article on the TFIA blog

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